Friday, March 26, 2010

feel so empty...sorry don't want your sympathy

Heavy Rain out mind is blank...i need ideas to continue my blog and my novel....feel so empty by day...every single minute.. i feel lonely.....really need someone...not for love....just for being my good listener...someone who don't know me.....Not for judge my mental...just be a good listener.

Some people, just know how to judge...they don't know the real situation about me, but pretend like they know everything about me, more than i know about myself. very funny right? always talk bla...bla...bla....hey "see your face in the mirror first lah" I don't like to judge..., I don't think I'm stupid to make a choice... and i don't like to pretending like other people out there... sorry to say... this is me on my way. "Percaya diri" That is my key.

Sometime i purposely act like i don't know anything....just for see how far "someone" can show their "true colour". I am not a psychology expert...but, this is one of my skilled to see the character of people. Acctually it is not my skilled...i learn about this from "Dale Carnegie". The famaous writer from his book, "How to win a friend and influence people". Seriously i tell you all here, this is one of the most best book ever....every single word from this book could change your life if you take it positively.. and bring it on your normal life, InsyaAllah.

I have no idea what to do....time to say goodnight....sorry if my word hurt anyone here...
i am not mention any name take it as a general public lecture... no hidden agenda...
just want to cool down my feeling....bye.

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